Motivation Goes Mobile with New ‘iCan’ iPhone App

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Pepsi Refresh Grant

We are waiting patiently for approval for April for the Pepsi Refresh possible grant.  In the meantime we continue to use this site, our FB site, our Cafe Press store, and our iCanAttitude application in iTunes as revenue generators to fund our mission.

More to come soon including recruitment of no less than 500 in community iCan Leaders.  If you are interested in learning more about this please email me at

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iCan ver1.2

was just approved by the app store.  We have made some great changes in response to your suggestions.  Also make sure if you are searching for the app you use iCanAttitude instead of iCan.  We made this change to align to this site and our Facebook page.  You will notice we now provide the option for you to code your goals into short, medium or long term status. This enhancement provides an extra layer of mental support as you create a greater focus into each area.  You may decide to dedicate more of less energy to some goals based on desired target completion date as well.  In addition you will see that you may turn the auto quote feature off and back on again.  Now you are in control of this motivational feature.

Finally you will see that we took off the time stamp and replaced it with “years.”  This provides a quicker reference to target completion date, while providing the ability to truly target goals that may be year, two or five in the making.

Thank you for assisting us provide a better tool for your goals and reflection.  Please continue to provide feedback via email at

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How may we better serve you?

We want to better serve you. What can we do better? We want to be a positive source of encouragement, focus, and strength. What can we do better? We want you to feel safe engaging with this community while receiving whatever you need to stay motivated and positive; pushing ahead with your iCanAttitude and being unstoppable. What can we do better?

Please share your thoughts on how we can better serve you. It is very important.

We have taken a bold step in making motivation mobile. iCanAttitude is a combination of goal setting, social media, keynote speaking and a forthcoming book. As a community we are actively sharing our positive iCanAttitude message and it is making a difference in people’s lives. We have received notes from many and I thank you for that. Please keep them coming. This mission was created to serve you and to foster and fortify the power of a positive mental attitude.

In past notes I have spoken on of our future and I wanted to share a bit more with you about this. The iCan iPhone/Touch application was created as a tool for your daily use. In so many motivational seminars I have attended and even led far too often we have told or been told that goals all start with being written down, but seldom do we ever do this. In today’s over communicated world packed with our mobile devices it just seemed perfect to create a simple tool that would allow you to easily get the goals to paper. You can track them, edit them, categorize them etc…But this app also has another vital purpose. We are working to create the iCanAttitude Foundation. Our goal is to be able to assist people who remain positive and demonstrate their iCanAttitude through all situations. The revenues taken in from the iCan application are the first step in creating the foundation fund. This is a mission that I am fully committed to achieving and it will be achieved. I continue to ask your support in this. The iCan application is only $.99. Again our goal being to keep this tool financially affordable while providing great focus and benefit. We are working on development for other mobile platforms including Blackberry and anticipate roll out early Q2 2010. I hope this further clarifies our mission and provides a greater understanding of our commitment to making a difference.

At anytime you can email me directly at with thoughts, resources, questions, etc. I am especially seeking sponsorship opportunities we can get involved with like Wounded Warrior Project, NASCAR etc. I am thankful you are in the world showing your iCanAttitude daily and making a difference.

Michael Mendelssohn

Founder iCanAttitude

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What are you thankful for?

What are you thankful for? Please post your thankful thoughts, pictures or videos. Anything that inspires you, motivates you, or energizes you to keep your iCanAttitude. This past holiday I expressed my gratitude in my own personal way. This is what I wrote to my daughter Gracie.

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Goals Ahead, Detours May Occur…

January is half way to its conclusion. This is the time when the rubber starts to meet the goal road. The voices begin. And they stand out like an awkward billboard on the interstate.

Goal Distractor

Usually we enter a new year energized, enthusiastic, with bounds of intention, plan in hand, mission forward, doing what needs to be done and we fizzle out. No worries if that is you right now…it is time to get re-focused and dialed in. “Do your best, and what _________ the rest.” You may know the phrase. FORGET is the missing word. P90X creator Tony Horton says it many times during the battery of workouts I do…I love it because each time he says it…it creates an opportunity for me to re-focus. I let go of what has already happened, and get re-dialed in as to what happens next. 110%…So here is your re-focus, re-dialing.

Today I’m going to re-focus you on 3 keys to reach your goals in 2010. These are simple action steps and it is why iCanAttitude was started.

1. Re-Focus your commitment to having an iCanAttitude. Post the statement iCanAttitude around your home, office, refrigerator, anywhere. Your self talk will be your biggest adversary. If you say it, you will become it…If you are telling yourself “I can’t” or “Why bother”, or “It just won’t happen for me” or any other “negative” type speak you are defeating yourself. Change your negative to power statements:

I can’t (fill in the blank) to I struggle slightly with (fill in the blank) but I am improving
Why bother (fill in the blank) to I am making progress. Achievement takes time. Rome was not built in a day
It just won’t happen for me to I know it will happen because I am going to make it happen

Use the powerful words you have and get out of your head…A positive mental attitude with positive words spoken to yourself provide power, intention, and commitment to excel and achieve.

2. State your goals in a clearly defined manner, and review them daily. Truthfully this is why the iCan application was created for iPhone/iTouch. The iCan application is a placeholder for what is most important to you across five platforms of your life: Family, Faith, Career, Fitness and Other. You can organize by type, assign a target completion date (a must for goal setting) and archive your achievements for reflection. This mobile goals tool, puts motivation on the move and will be with you daily. Your positive iCanAttitude coupled with clearly stated, defined goals now serve as your Northern Star. You have the end in sight, now all you must do is take the actions necessary to get to the finish line.

3. Surround yourself with positive people. Share your goals with positive people in your life. Our iCanAttitude Facebook page is dedicated to empowerment with a network of positive minded people. Use us…Ask a question. Share a thought. Declare your goals. Ask for coaching. Know that we are here ready to help you fight through the adversity that will surely arise and be your partner in conquering it. People love positive people. You will be amazed at how your business will grow. Clients with similar positive attitudes will be drawn to you. Your peers will rally to your side and your family will be smiling because they will see your strength.

Your iCanAttitude provides the mental inner strength to accomplish all that you were put here to do. The journey is not about the end, but about the road that lies ahead. The curves, hills, mountains, mud slides, water and waves. It is there to challenge, to test and to make you think. Your iCanAttitude gives you strength to rise above, turn with ease, surf, ski, leap and float over all with the greatest of ease.

Today is your day to take action, Enhance your family, Enrich your career, Engage your faith, and Embrace your fitness.

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Daily Quote – 1/16/10

“There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.” – W. Clement Stone Visit the iCanAttitude online store for your positive attitude t-shirts, coffee mugs, notepads, mouse pads and more. 10% of all net profits are going to charity.

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iCanAttitude – Haiti

As I type this over 1,200 of us have banded together on Facebook because we are dedicated to the power of a positive mental attitude. We empower each other and have made a promise to ourselves to be unstoppable in our lives. These events in Haiti remind us, ever so clearly, that life is full of adversity. Adversity is unpredictable, harsh, and painful. It does not have fear and none of us are above its reach. As we pray, hug our families, call a friend or family member far away and say I Love You. Please remember that our attitude is what will help us, as a people, survive. I mourn for those that have lost, and I celebrate that WE are strong positive people who can do great things when we work together and empower each other to make a difference.

I would like us, iCanAttitude, to show our strength by doing something for the people of Haiti. I am asking that you offer one suggestion of what we can do. I will collect these through our Facebook fan page until Midnight Thursday 1/14 and ask you to spring into action on Friday 1/15.

I have no idea what idea’s will come. I realize several organizations are collecting money and supplies. That our military is already mobilized and I am grateful to all that are already and getting ready to serve. My heart says there is something that we can do to inspire and offer hope and find the good during this terrible time. Will you share your best single idea.

Thank You.

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iCanAttitude – National Press Release – In Full

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Engagements Wanted – National Stage Debut

If your company, non-profit, or group is in need of a dynamic keynote speaker iCanAttitude founder Michael Mendelssohn is real, relatable, energizing and ready to visit with your organization or team.

As well, we are excited to be utilizing tonight to further convey our message across the country. Here is a sample:

Want to get in shape this year? Have you resolved to be a better friend? Serious about making a career move in the near future? Like so many situations common to modern people, “there’s an app for that.” This one – the iCan app – is designed to help motivate and inspire. According to iCan’s creator, Michael Mendelssohn, iCan is a lot more powerful than it may initially seem. iCanAttitude incorporates a real time goal setting application, coupled with social media interaction, and a powerful iCanAttitude Seminar. It is a powerfully beneficial, engaging multi media motivational approach.

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